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DoD 3:16

Published on 9th January 2019


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Joseph S R de Saram CISSP provides thought-provoking insights into Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement, how they operate beyond (as opposed to above) the law, and how their various antics foreseeably lead to the destruction of Fundamental Human Rights. Updates are in progress so check back regularly – verified articles end with . Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE

363.15 1710 – 1755 MHz Band: Mission, Functions, and Usage Summary

Table 3-16 depicts the major DoD application/operations supported in this spectrum band.

Table 3-16. DoD Operations 1710-1755MHz Band
US&P Allocations
Frequency-Band (MHz) Government use only Shared Bands DoD Applicatio
1710-1755 - Mixed Use Voice/Data
Data/Video Links
Range Telemetry
Precision Guided Munitions
Air Combat Training

DoD has historically employed the 1710-1755 MHz band to support a broad range of critical mobile/transportable systems and a large number of installation infrastructure services. The major operations supported in the band include transportable tactical radio relay communications, air combat training, fixed radio relay communications, and mobile video control links. Specific systems include, but are not limited to, Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) and Digital Wideband Transmission System (DWTS) which support tactical battlefield communications, and Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) systems. A detailed description of these systems is provided in the discussion of the 1755-1850 MHz band. The 1710-1755 MHz band was previously reallocated for mixed use from Government exclusive use. The mixed use allocation was provided for DoD operations in a primary status at 16 protected sites. As a result of a national level effort to identify additional spectrum bands for commercial advanced wireless services (AWS), the 16 protected sites were reduced to 2 protected sites; Yuma, AZ and Cherry Point, NC28. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has auctioned the band. Thus, the relocation efforts of incumbent DoD systems from the other 14 protected sites are underway. Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund the relocation of affected federal systems as required by law. The Marine Corps will continue operations indefinitely at the two protected sites.

3.16 1755 – 1850 MHz Band: Mission, Functions, and Usage Summary

Table 3-17 depicts the major DoD application/operations supported in this spectrum band.

Table 3-17. DoD Operations 1755-1850 MHz Band
US&P Allocations
Frequency-Band (MHz) Government use only Shared Bands DoD Applicatio
1755-1850 - X Voice/Data
Data/Video Links
Range Telemetry
Precision Guided Munitions
Space Operations
Air Combat Training

DoD employs the 1755-1850 MHz band to support a broad range of critical mobile/transportable systems and a large number of installation infrastructure services, as well as advanced wireless systems in development. The major operations supported in the band include Tracking, Telemetry, and Commanding (TT&C) of DoD space systems, transportable tactical radio relay communications, air combat training, fixed radio relay communications, and mobile video control links. Specific systems include, but are not limited to, the Space Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) which provides spacecraft TT&C, which support tactical battlefield communications, the Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS) used to support air combat training, and Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) systems. The major DoD systems that operate in this band are described below in detail. DoD also operates numerous other systems in this band that are critical to global operations in addition to test and training functions.

Satellite Operations (SATOPS)

DoD uses this band as the only communications link for initial contact with newly launched satellites, for early orbit checkout of those satellites and for emergency access to spinning/tumbling satellites. It is also vital for command and control, mission data retrieval, and on-orbit maneuvering of its many satellites in all orbits from low earth to geostationary. SGLS, the primary component of this network, provides continuous, worldwide, command and control of satellites used for missile warning, navigation, military communications, weather tracking and reporting, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). The information provided by these satellites to our National Command Authority, Combatant Commanders, Military Services, and national level decision-makers is crucial to successful execution of our national strategies. Additionally, other federal government agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency, state and local governments and the commercial sector benefit from the capabilities of the satellites controlled by this network.

Tactical Radio Relay Systems

The Army, Navy, and Marine Corps operate tactical communications systems in this frequency band that provide high capacity, digital information to the battlefield. The Army operates the Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) system in this band. The MSE system is deployed from the corps-level headquarters to the maneuver battalions. These systems provide a digital microwave backbone to link mid-level and lower-level battlefield commanders. The system operates like a high-capacity cellular telephone system with highly transportable base stations. A corps-size deployment could deploy twelve or more microwave links depending on the operational or exercise scenario. From command and control traffic to intelligence imagery, logistics, medical, and morale and welfare support, MSE provides the battlefield commanders the ability to maintain effective control over forces. MSE is a tactical system designed for rapid mobility in the field. This is because headquarters units, with signature electronic emissions, are targeted for artillery and missile attacks by the enemy. The ability to set up, establish a link to higher headquarters and subordinate units and then take the link down and move is key to the survivability of the headquarter units and supports the concept of maneuver warfare. The microwave radio equipment and antennas are transportable and robust for field conditions. To 38 maintain the operator’s capability to quickly establish a tactical microwave link, continuous field training is required.

The Navy and Marine Corps operate the Digital Wideband Transmission System (DWTS) in this band. The Navy/Marine Corps DWTS provides a backbone digital communications capability supporting amphibious operations and ground combat operations. The system supports command, control and data transfer from the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) level down to the regimental level. The Marine Corps element of this radio system providing digital backbone services (voice, video, and data). This link is the only transmission media available to the Marine Corps with sufficient bandwidth to carry large quantities of critical data such as maps, overlays, intelligence pictures, and other data to the battlefield commanders. The Navy has a ship-to-shore link of DWTS primarily used for amphibious operations where most of the critical information flow is from the ship to the landing forces. Like MSE, DWTS is a tactical system designed to enable microwave links to be quickly established in support of combat operations and maneuver warfare.

Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS)

The Tactical Air Combat Training System/Aircrew Combat Maneuvering and Instrumentation (TACTS/ACMI) is a complex system of hardware and software components configured and interfaced to measure, monitor, process, communicate, store, and display weapon and aircraft information in real-time to provide realistic training for tactical aircrews. The US Air Force uses ACMI while TACTS supports the US Navy and Marine Corps. TACTS/ACMI is comprised of airborne and ground-based components linked through RF communications and operates within many prescribed training ranges in the US. The TACTS/ACMI supports training aircrews in realistic warfighting scenarios. It supports simultaneous engagement of multiple air combat participants in state-of-the-art air-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and electronic warfare (EW) environments. The system provides real-time monitoring, tracking and recording of the training activities and includes post mission reconstruction capabilities so that crews can receive accurate debriefing and critique of their mission thereby maximizing the benefit of the training activities. The system provides aircrew training such as Aircraft Handling Capability, Basic Fighter Maneuver, or Intercept and Air Combat Training sorties up to and including large composite force training. TACTS/ACMI is the primary tool at virtually all air combat training ranges and supports every level of training from initial schools where pilots first learn to fly the aircraft they will take into battle to advanced tactics training schools that hone combat skills. To ensure interoperability, training sorties are conducted with Allied Forces, both inside and outside of the US.

Tactical Control Links/Precision Guided Munitions

Tactical Control Links that support Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) provide a decisive combat edge to US forces. These weapons provide the capability to attack single targets with one aircraft or one standoff weapon. PGMs increase aircrew survivability by allowing the launch of weapons outside of any enemy anti-air system threat envelope, thereby significantly decreasing aircrew vulnerability. PGMs require regular testing and training at CONUS sites by operational units to maintain operational readiness. Developmental activities also require regular testing as the PGMs are updated for new missions, threats, and capabilities.

Other Systems

The operations of a number of additional DoD systems rely on spectrum between 1755 and 1850 MHz in addition to those of the four major DoD functional capabilities described above. Long-range point-to-point microwave system operations represent a majority of these additional systems. These systems primarily operate at fixed locations and employ directional antennas. A number of other mobile operations are also authorized in this band. Two mobile systems, the Combat Identification for the Dismounted Soldier (CIDDS) and the Land Warrior Local Area Network (LAN), are developmental systems whose operations also are dependent on spectrum in this band segment. Land Warrior is a first-generation integrated fighting system for dismounted soldiers. A number of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are authorized to operate in this band. These systems transmit video and status data from the UAS to the ground control system (GCS) using analog FM video and data on subcarriers. Fixed point-to-point microwave, CIDDS, the Land Warrior LAN, and UASs represent significant other uses of the 1755 to 1850 MHz band.

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) operates a nation-wide system of fixed point-topoint microwave links providing connectivity for monitoring water levels, remote alarms, and communications for remote locks, dams, and other water systems. These systems provide microwave links where no commercial communications connectivity exists. The systems are essential to the ACE operations because they allow for remote monitoring of critical waterway operations negating the need for full time, on-site personnel. The systems provide key maintenance parameters, alarm indications, and provide personnel at the facility with communications capability. These systems help ensure the safety and integrity of the nation’s waterways and help prevent catastrophic events that could cost lives and economic damage as well as environmental damage.

The Land Warrior system is a close combat communications system for infantrymen, combat medics, combat engineers, forward observers, and scouts. With Land Warrior, the soldier can both send and receive voice, video images, map overlay information, operational plan diagrams, etc. The system provides situational awareness information among team members, improves survivability and increases mission effectiveness while reducing the soldier’s equipment load.

The Combat Identification of the Dismounted Solder (CIDDS) program’s purpose is to help prevent US forces from firing on friendly forces, otherwise known as fratricide. CIDDS employs a laser interrogator with a RF response to provide identification of friendly forces by individual and automatic weapons users. The laser interrogation signal message identifies a set of random frequency channels, spaced throughout the 1755-1850 MHz band for the transponder to use in its response. Current program documentation indicates approximately 100,000 CIDDS units will be procured to outfit dismounted soldiers in all three military services.

The Pointer UAS is a production-ready, electric, hand-launched UAS designed for remote monitoring and surveillance. The UAS transmits real-time images taken by a black and white, color, or thermal camera. A variety of alternative payloads such as air pollution sensing, 40 chemical weapons detection, and unexploded land mine detections are currently being developed. The video link operates in the 1755-1850 MHz frequency band.

The Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) Range telemetry System provides a multi-link radio telemetry communication capability throughout the many test ranges and facilities of the ATC. It consists of several fixed receiving stations located at the high usage ranges/test areas and many transportable (vehicle housed) receiving stations that are emplaced at any of the multitude of ATC test areas or remote test sites when required to support testing projects. The test mission
and workload of the ATC requires daily support by the telemetry system. It is vital to the accomplishment of the test and evaluation of military equipment, primarily combat and tactical vehicles, and many items of support equipment. Testing under dynamic conditions is a requirement, and the telemetry system provides the capability to transfer engineering measurements from the moving vehicle to a data collection center.

The Air Force Television Ordnance Scoring System (TOSS) provides a television ordinance scoring capability to range users in support of exercise and test missions. TOSS is a field proven accurate weapons scoring system with a night scoring capability using infrared cameras.

3.17 2200 – 2290 MHz Band: Mission, Functions, and Usage Summary

Table 3-18 depicts the major DoD application/operations supported in this spectrum band.

Table 3-18. DoD Operations 2200-2290 MHz Band
US&P Allocations
Frequency-Band (MHz) Government use only Shared Bands DoD Applicatio
2200-2290 - X SGLS
TeleCommand Control Link

DoD operations supported in this band include tracking, telemetry and commanding (TT&C) of space systems and launch vehicles, and missile telemetry. The 2200-2290 MHz band supports the companion downlink to the Space Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) uplink in the 1755-1850 MHz band. This is the most critical DoD operation supported in this band, and one of the most critical DoD uses of all spectrum. SGLS functions include tracking launch and space vehicles, telemetry (downlink) from both launch and space vehicles, and command operations.

The space resources supported by SGLS are not only DoD’s most expensive system of spectrumdependent resources, but they serve as vital national sources of operational communications and surveillance data as well. The band is also used extensively for telemetry. Air- to-air and air-tosurface missiles cannot be tested without aeronautical telemetry. The 2200-2290 MHz band is the only band wherein adequate, properly allocated spectrum can be found to launch, operate,
and control DoD space resources.

Or a heavy duty device such as this:-

A 10-stage Marx generator built of ten 10nf per stage provides 1nf of erected capacitance. This section is built into a pressure chamber of 210mm diameter & 2500mm length. The Marx generator is fed by a three-stage high voltage power supply with an input of 230 volts 50/60Hz. This D.C. to D.C. converter generates 0 to 20kV DC which is fed to the Marx input for charging the capacitors.

The Marx output of 90kV to 160kV pulse is fed to a peaking capacitor of 30pf to 180pf for shaping the pulse. The output peaking gap is fixed to shape the pulse further. The Marx now charges the output capacitor. This capacitor (coaxial oil filled capacitor) discharges into the load through the peaking gap. The entire system is coaxial made further enhancing the effectiveness.


  • Random HV Generator.
  • HV HF Source for plasma Generation.
  • Pulse Power Source for Z-Pinch study.
  • High Voltage High Current Linear Injector.
  • Use as a emp Generator with a properly designed TEM Cell.

The EMP pulser with a special Antenna is capable of shutting down a computer at a distance of 15 meters. It generates a steep 2 nanosecond rise time >2 Giga-watt pulse into a parallel plate transmission line type of Antenna.

The “EMP Blaster Gun” is suitable for many small experiments requiring radiating EMP waves. The system utilizes a high voltage discharge of 100kV to 160kV at a pulse repetitive rate of 1pps. It can also ignite highly explosive fuels in close proximity or contact.

When fixed with a parallel plate antenna, even of mismatched impedance, about 15kV / meter are produced at a distance of 2 meters (with a generated voltage of 160kV output). With a coaxial design, the radiated waveform will have a rise time of under 50 nanoseconds, and a field strength of 15 to 30kV / meter at distance of 1 to 2 meters.

How To Demonstrate Microwave Radiation and Bugs

This is the device that I used:-

As can be seen I do NOT have paranoid schizophrenia and I have identified the issues correctly. I am on the receiving end of psychotronic attacks by military intelligence.

This in itself confirms that very senior parties know that (a) I ‘may’ be incorrectly perceived as threat to national security and/or (b) I am aware of specific information arising from my previous cryptographic experience that parties would obviously like to be kept quiet 🙂

As it happens (a) will never change and (b) I do not like be irritated 🙂

20170412 INITIAL

There’s always ‘something strange in my [network] neighbourhood’ – as ‘I’m No-one’s Bitch’ and a Human Rights Activist I am always subjected to Harassment Surveillance, Covert Surveillance and even Directed Energy Weapons.

But do I need to call ‘gHOSTbusters’? No way Jose!

I have direct experience of working with intelligence personnel from 1993 (from the age of 21yrs). My competence in Signals Intelligence (“SIGINT”) Applied Cryptographics, Forensics and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is second to none 🙂

Many people are actually on the receiving end of such issues and the classic stereotype is that of either a hippie on drugs and playing a guitar, or a recluse in a hoodie and/or possibly a tin-foil hat looking over his shoulder as he is walking down an empty street.

So whilst I appreciate the continual testing of my abilities to correctly identify and respond tactically to hybrid hostile threats, I do have my normal IT work to do as well!

When there are strange things going on around me, it really is just another day at the office. Having recovered around 20% of evidence that was mysteriously wiped I have now met the evidentiary burden to hammer the UK/AU parties concerned and there are two new law firms who are engaged and/or in the process of being engaged in London alone.

Forensic Evidence underlies My Theories

My theories are always confirmed by evidence, and from 2015 I have been exposed to copious amounts of microwave radiation:-

Every Breath You Take

From around 2006 onwards I became involved in securing communications for various projects involving Directed Energy Weapons. This post is primarily...

12 September 2016

Microwave frequencies up to around 1Ghz are typically used for bugging devices and covert wireless cameras. WLAN is around 2.4Ghz and commercial IP cameras operate at this frequency.

Kellyanne Conway

People laughed at Kellyanne when she said ‘microwaves that turn into cameras’ but in a similar way to The Donald and his tweet about surveillance, the broad concepts were actually correct but the delivery and/or minutiae of content were not quite there.

I also made such a mistake in 17 December 2015 because I was trying to actually pinpoint the transmitting device of Edward de Saram when I simply should have said that ‘there was a device in his immediate vicinity’.

Kellyanne should have stated ‘cameras operating on microwave frequencies’ as I have referenced above.

More Evidence

I now present further evidence of microwaves being used…

Firstly I needed a sweep:-

no, not that sort..

okay getting closer with the brown face and white teeth since we are in Sri Lanka 🙂

Ah finally:-


Connecting to each frequency in turn:-

First one is a radio station:-

Is the second one some type of Devil Worship maybe, I don’t know?-

Third and Fourth appear to be carrying encrypted signals:-



Actually I do not encrypt any of my conversations – speaking in English is good enough for security purposes 🙂 Also if you are using the 476.8Mhz band and you are not worshipping Satan, I apologise for my statement but to be on the safe side I would say “The power of Christ compels you” 🙂

Radiation Sickness

The absolute latest thing that I am finding is that I am suffering from the symptoms of radiation sickness. Generally it seems to be the symptoms of non-ionising radiation:-

An interesting paragraph is this one:-

3. Microwaves have been known to effect an abnormal influx of calcium into cells. When there is an abnormal influx of calcium into mast cells, for example, they produce histamine. This is just one of the ways in which microwave exposure has been known to trigger or aggravate allergic reactions.

As it happens I have already referred to Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (“VGCC”) in my Every Breath You Take article above, and the use of microwaves as Directed Energy Weapons does fabricate the symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders:-

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, 638 NE 41st Avenue, Portland, OR 97232-3312, USA Received 13 April 2015, Revised 1 August 2015, Accepted 9 August 2015, Available online 21 August 2015.....

“The Sun Always Shines When It Pours”

An incredible event occurred on 09 April 2017 evening around 19:30 which I managed to video. I was working on my laptop near a window and all of a sudden I felt like throwing up – no it was not a legal case in Australia in which the lawyers and/or judges demonstrated their ignorance of the law :). I thought I had had a Transient Ischaemic Attack (“TIA”) as well.

This is my right arm:-

Having studied Medicine at University College London I identified this reaction as urticaria:-

Practice Essentials

Urticaria, commonly referred to as hives, appears as raised, well-circumscribed areas of erythema and edema involving the dermis and epidermis that are very pruritic (see the image below). It may be acute (6 wk). Urticaria may be confused with a variety of other dermatologic diseases that are similar in appearance and are also pruritic; usually, however, it can be distinguished from these diseases by an experienced clinician...

But the question was what could possibly cause this and why the rapid onset? I had not eaten anything unusual and was having a pleasant day.

I then remembered that there is a type of urticaria known as ‘physical urticaria’ which is caused by an external factor:-

Hives - Physical Urticarias. Treatment & causes at Patient

Urticaria (also known as hives) is an itchy rash caused by tiny amounts of fluid that leak from blood vessels under the skin. Learn more from Patient....

But I had not encountered any stinging nettles and had just been on my computer. Considering the matter further I considered Solar Urticaria:-

Normal sunlight was not responsible (it was night) and also the sun was not shining out of my arse at the time 🙂

As such the only thing that could have possibly caused all the symptoms was a short burst of high intensity radiation. I have referenced above that the ‘massive influx of calcium into mast cells causes the production of histamine‘ and I have already demonstrated evidence of microwave radiation.

Solar Urticaria is extremely rare – despite the billions of people around the world there have only been around 100 reported cases in the last 115 years!! Wow, finally I am Special as opposed to Special Needs which is how my parents enjoy labelling me!

Actually I had initially thought that it was the effect of ionising radiation, but within two hours my arm was back to normal – but I have been feeling really sick over the last few days and my chest is very tight. Ionising radiation tends to blister the skin..

Head Gear

Thankfully at the time I had this on my head – much better than tin-foil 🙂

and I think from now on I will wear it around the house. It does actually work because the fabric is certified to provide 99.999% shielding across the frequency range 10MHz – 3GHz and still over 99.6% at 5.6GHz….

National Security Agency and Targeted Individuals

There is always some defence/intelligence basis for this type of technology

NSA Whistleblower Powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Stand Up to Support “Targeted Individuals” Worldwide

by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted 10/16/2016 (With information from Ella Felder, Cait Ryan, Paul Baird, and other human rights activists) In a breakthrough historic and supportive m…...

to be continued…



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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